The name of this organization shall be the Georgia Surgical Society.


The object of this society shall be the advancement of the art and science of surgery, for the encouragement of its members to pursue original investigative work, to encourage the improvement of surgical teaching and education in the State, and to provide an atmosphere for informal exchange of ideas concerning surgery among its members and provide a vehicle for continuing medical education and foster high standards of ethical practice.



There shall be 3 types of membership, namely, (1) Active, (2) Honorary, and (3) Inactive,

Qualifications shall be as follows:

(1) Active:

a) Candidates for membership must be certified by the American Board of Surgery or by the appropriate Board of the candidate’s subspecialty and be a practicing surgeon in the state of Georgia for two years.

b) Candidates must have had at least two years in the practice of surgery in the state of Georgia following completion of formal training.

c) Candidates must be proposed by a member and sponsored by two additional members who have good knowledge of the candidate.

d) On the approval of Council and two-thirds vote of the membership present and voting at the annual meeting, a candidate may be elected to membership.

e) After consideration of a candidate for three consecutive years without approval the candidate will
not be considered for membership for three more years and then only on reproposal.

f) Members of Council may propose or sponsor candidates.

g) An active member who moves to another state or country may retain active membership by carrying out the other requirement for membership, or may apply for an Inactive, Out-of-State status.

h) The waiting period of two years for membership will be waived for members
of the military who reside in Georgia during their period of service.

(2) Honorary:

The Society may want to honor outstanding surgeons who reside outside the state of Georgia and who
have participated in or contributed to one of our meetings as a guest speaker. Honorary membership may be awarded to recognized surgeons who have retired from active practice and presently and permanently reside in the state of Georgia. Such may be proposed by Council and voted on at any regular meeting of the Society.

(3) Inactive, Out-of-State:

An Active member in good standing that moves out of state may request an Inactive, Out-of-State (OOS) status from the Council. If approved by the Council, dues would be $50.00 annually, while maintaining the other requirements for membership.

(5) Termination of Membership:

a) If a member fails to attend the annual meetings for three consecutive years without adequate
excuse acceptable to Council, or fails to meet financial obligations, that member will be dropped from membership.

b) Any member whose conduct is contrary to the objectives of the Society, stated or implied, may be dropped from membership by recommendation of the Council and two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at the annual meeting.



Section 1.
The officers of the Society shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary/Treasurer, and three Councilors, who shall be the three most recent past presidents of the Society.

Section 2.
The Council shall consist of the officers of the Society and the three most recent past presidents, who will serve as Councilors.

The Vice-President, who shall be President-Elect, shall be elected at the annual meeting of the Society.

The President and the Vice-President shall serve until the next annual meeting of the Society or until their respective successors have been elected and qualified. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected at an annual meeting of the Society, shall serve for three years or until a respective successor is elected and qualified.

Section 3.
An Active member, under 40, shall be selected by the Council every two years to serve as a Council member.


Duties of Officers

Section 1.
It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the organization and to see that the rules of order and decorum are properly enforced at all deliberations of the organization. The President shall call a special meeting of the Society on written request of 20 members.

Section 2.
In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside.

Section 3.
It shall be the duty of the Secretary/Treasurer to keep a correct record of the proceeding of the meetings, to attest to all orders drawn on by the Secretary/Treasurer for monies appropriated by the organization, and to keep an attendance roll, which shall be made available to members at each meeting.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall supervise and conduct all the correspondence of the organization, and shall act as secretary for the meetings of Council.

Section 4.
It shall be the duty of the Secretary/Treasurer to collect all monies, keep accurate accounts, and to disburse funds for duly authorized expenses of this organization. The Secretary/Treasurer shall present a detailed financial statement to the Council at each annual meeting.


Vacancies occurring in the offices of the organization shall be filled by appointment of the President until the next meeting. The President shall also appoint other committees not provided for. Whenever necessary, the Vice-President will act for the President.


The Constitution shall take effect immediately upon the time of its adoption, and shall not be amended except by written resolution, which shall lie over until the next regular meeting, and receive a vote of two-thirds of the members present.


If and when this organization shall be disbanded, any monies or properties, either real or vested, shall be distributed to some non-profit educational institution or institutions for the furtherance of the education of surgeons.


Article 1

The Georgia Surgical Society shall meet annually at a time and place decided by the Council.

Article 2

The members present shall constitute a quorum for business.

Article 3

Annual dues shall be set by the Council and approved by the Society.

Article 4

The usual parliamentary rules governing deliberative bodies shall govern the business of this organization. A majority vote shall be necessary for the passage of any motion before the organization.

Article 5

The Council may, at the annual meeting, recommend an honorarium for the Secretary/Treasurer. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be reimbursed by the Georgia Surgical Society for any lawful expenditures personally made for this organization.

Article 6

It shall be the duty of the Secretary one month prior to the annual meeting to notify each member of the organization of said meeting and of the candidates for membership.

Article 7

The duties of the Council shall be to manage all the affairs of the organization not covered by the duties assigned to the elected officers. It shall approve all details for the arrangements of the annual meeting.

Article 8

The Secretary shall act as Chairman of the Committee of arrangements, and two other members of this Committee shall be appointed by the President at each annual meeting. This Committee will make all necessary arrangements for the annual meeting.

Article 9

On retirement from practice or after 30 years of membership, annual dues and attendance are no longer required, but the member may still hold office and vote.majority

Article 10

These Bylaws may be amended at any annual meeting by a vote of those members present and voting, provided that notice of proposed changes in the Bylaws have been sent to all of the members at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be discussed.